We Build High Impact Mobile Apps 

Keith Davis - Principal Designer 

The Digital Advantage

1. Client/Customer engagement by keeping connected

2. Going Green (less paper, less repetitive notices

3. All-in-1 App integration of different information portals; ie online, social media, etc. - collaboration.

4. Ease in communication and engagement 24/7

5. Integrated technology for teaching/instruction 24/7

6. Video streaming capability


BriDaw Apps is a group of creative genius types that happen to love building online marketing strategies that leverage all aspects of the digital space. We build and strengthen brands and help companies succeed with innovative ideas. Some people call what we do 21st century brand management, others call it digital marketing and advertising; we call it creative relationship building.


7. Access to newsletters, products, mapped venues, anywhere 24/7

8. Send direct menages to clients/customers (Push Notifications) vis the App


At our core, we are creative strategists and problem solvers. However, we know that an answer for one company is not the same for another. That is what makes us take a broad view and mix up ideas, as that is what creates tailored and targeted solutions.



80% say their mobile is always with them

62% admit checking their phone more than 30 times a day

30% of their online purchases are made on mobile devices

83% say they research products/services on their smart phones compared to 66% of GenXers